Our Businesses


Sinclair manufactures hermetic packages for microelectronic, fiber-optic, microwave, and optical applications. They specialize in high-quality, custom machined or stamped packages with glass seals.

  • P.O. Box 398, 12 Worcester St. Chartley, MA 02766


  • Precision Machining (Kovar, CuMo, Ti, Al)
  • Glass-to-Metal Sealing of Microwave Packaging
  • High Volume Production of RF & DC Feedthroughs
  • Feedthrough Integration & Brazing
  • Turnkey Sapphire Window Assemblies
  • In House Testing to MIL-STD & JEDEC

Key Products

  • Optical Windows
  • Fiber Optic Packages
  • Microwave Packaging
  • High Thermal Dissipation Power Packages
  • Hybrid Packages
  • Vacuum Products
  • Headers, Connectors/Feedthrus